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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Updates Shmupdates

I have been writing like crazy, but I have absolutely nothing worthy of posting just yet.  Most of the material I have is just long strings of logic and thought, but nothing that falls into the realm of intelligible work.  I have gone through another one of those massive shifts in worldview, and this has prompted a wellspring of new material.  I just need to go through the daunting task of connecting all the dots and tying it all together before I can post any of it.  I think this may be the basis for a book.  I have a few friends who have urged me to start work on a book, but the sheer time involved for such a massive undertaking is staggering.  Any thoughts?

Additionally, my current job is starting to become unfulfilling.  I have been at it for a while, and I am in the mood for a change of scenery.  I tend to get bored and restless when I do the same thing for too long.  A friend has expressed interest in the possibility of starting a landscape design business based on the permaculture model.  I am just getting started on Bill Mollison's Permaculture: A Designers Manual, and I think I could excel in the field.  The work would be more fulfilling than my current job, and I feel I would be doing more to help others.  I am looking into courses at the Midwest Permaculture Institute, and I have downloaded an entire lecture series on iTunes U on the topic. I love change, but with any great change comes great risk.  Guess I have to get through the due diligence phase before I can make a move to something new.  Any thoughts?

See you at Galt's Gulch!


spr61 said...

I hear you brother! I too like change, and think a person needs to truly enjoy what they do for a living to be happy. You become miserable if you don't like your work, or believe in what you do. When I got out of the military, I had a lot of weapon and tactical skills. Soon I found the only thing compatible with those skills in the civilian world, was Law Enforcement. The problem was it became too corrupt, and unjust for me to continue with any integrity, so I resigned. When I started with this job, I wanted to be a part of something bigger, but as time progressed, I no longer believed in the mission. I am convinced it is all politics, and liberalism. It doesn't seem that anyone cares about our great country, or why we came here in the first place. I wish you well in your future endeavors, and my thought would be to continue your current employment until you are secure in your business. Perhaps working at both for a while???

Sgt. Jarhead said...

Risk, risk, risk. I am in between the proverbial rock and hard place. Thanks for the advice man!

spr61 said...

Yeah there is risk, but it would be minimized if you were able to do both for a while.

spr61 said...

I would also like to see more on that potato grow operation you had going. Was that used to speed growth? I have never seen anything like it. Just wondering the benefits vs. planting them in the ground if you have time.

Sgt. Jarhead said...

The potatoes ended in disaster! I read up on the process as much as I could. You start out with your spuds on the bottom of the container in topsoil and compost. Instead of the normal method where you mound dirt over them in the ground, in containers you add hay and manure as the plant grows. The taller it gets, the more you add, and at the end of the season you just turn the whole thing over and our pour your potatoes.

Damn bugs got into mine. I checked them one night before I went to bed, and the next morning the portion that had been sticking out had been chewed down to a nub. I tried to dig out what was covered up, but the plant was already dead.

The same thing can be done with tires. You just keep stacking them as you add more dirt, hay, manure, compost, whatever. It was a learning experience. I didnt have room in the main garden for them so I thought the container method would work. Once I get un-urbanized and have room, I will go back to planing them in rows.

spr61 said...

gotcha... I assumed it was a space issue. Thanks for the info.
As a side note, I have had the best luck using potatoes from the previous year as seed. Growing up, we used to cut them in quarters and place them in water until the eyes started to grow. We then planted them for the years crop. Saved on money, plus they grew quicker during our short grow season in Montana.

spr61 said...

How about some writing on permaculture?

Anonymous said...

Time for some chickens around those potatoes huh Sgt. Just keep going your on the right track brother! And take that comment as box off here its annoying Ill always leave my name.