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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Book Review: Survival + (Part II)

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The illusion of freedom is one tool the plutocracy uses to stay in control. Class warfare and willful obfuscation of the truth are others. The media propaganda machine keeps those of low income angry and feeling unjustly treated. They blame the rich, but they have no way to gauge what rich is. Since the plutocrats need the productive middle class to leach off of, they shift the blame from themselves onto the middle class. Now they have an angry power base in the poor, who will vote to keep their technocrat/bureaucrat underlings in power. They also use this as justification to enact new taxes and restrictions on the middle class, who they have fingered as being rich. The poor are placated until the next voting cycle, and the power elite get to skim even greater profits off the backs of the productive middle class. 

Example: Obama campaigned on a promise that those making less than $250k per year would not see any raise in taxes.  This sets a price in the public mind to define rich.

Now $250,001 per year is the public perception of rich. But is this really rich? No! This is the productive middle class. That is a small business owner who works his butt of putting in 12 hour days 6 days a week. Compared to the super rich Plutocracy, 250k is just a grain of sand on a beach. To understand this, one must look at the inflation of our fiat currency via massive borrowing and bailouts, most of which goes into the pockets of the Plutocracy. We are robbing Peter to pay Paul. To top that off; Peter, Paul, and the Plutocrats (that would make a great band name by the way) count debt as an asset. All fiat money is debt! This is also where the derivatives market comes into play. No one knows exactly how much funny money is being circulated on books, but a conservative estimate is over One Quadrillion dollars. Let’s look at One Quadrillion: 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. That is larger than the Gross Domestic Product of the entire planet! Given that the top 3-4% of individuals control about 2/3 of the world’s capital, you can see how small a sum 250k is. What is 2/3 of a quadrillion anyway? This is just one example of willful obfuscation and complexity. No wonder it is so easy for them to stay in power! 

Due to this complexity, it is essential to understand that no amount of minor tweaks or “fixes” from within the system will reform anything. It can’t work. It is too complex, and the control already lies in the hands of those who do not have our best interest in mind. Tax cuts, tax raises, policy reforms, etc. do absolutely nothing. The elite will always find a way around a policy (if they did not suggest its enactment in the first place) and will always find a way to exploit a raise or cut in taxation. The entire system is headed for collapse; that is a fact. Your acceptance of this fact will mean the difference between having a successful prosperous future, and falling flat on your face when the rug is pulled out from underneath you. The truth does not depend on your acceptance for it to remain true. Collapse will happen, probably sooner than we all wish.

Nothing Has Changed
Why Nothing Changes

This collapse will happen in one of two ways. Either the state will attempt to print its way out of recession or depression (hyperinflation), or it will run out of the ability to borrow any more money to pay for its leviathan structure and will default on its debts and obligations. This means either the economic structure will collapse dragging the state down with it, or the state will default on its obligations to entitlements bringing the economy crashing down. Much lip service has been paid on survival and libertarian blogs and forums over which way this will happen. The way it happens is of no consequence, the end result will be the same. We are headed for turmoil and catastrophe.

The case for Hyper-inflation
The case against Hyper-inflation
Full Spectrum Collapse
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